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2018 / I WANT A COUNTRY by ANDREAS FLOURAKIS / Martha Graham Studio 1, New York

Directed by Lyto Triantafyllidou

Featuring: Jessy Donn, Joy Donze, Sarah Folkins, Alexandra Gellner, Lamin Leroy Gibba, Kevin Gonzalez , Olivia Konteatis, and Simon Winheld

Translated by Eleni Drivas

Production Stage Manager: Elizabeth Weber 

Lighting Designer: Wyatt Moniz 

Sound Designer: Evdoxia Ragkou

Photos by Matt Weber

A  group of people strive to create a new country, demanding to immediately, collectively and actively define their lives. They have lost their country - in a geographical and/or ideological way. Believing there is no escape from their current state, they map their time ahead declaring a New Country. Will the future bring hope or despair? Have we learned
anything from history? What kind of country do we want? 

Find more info about I Want A Country here. 

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