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Written by Villa by Guillermo Calderon

Translated by Eleni Drivas

Directed by Lyto Triantafyllidou

Scenic and Costume Design by Yorgos Litzeri

Music Composition and Sound Design by Alexandra Katerinopoulou

Movement by Aggeliki Troubouki

Lighting Design by Melina Mascha

Photography / Artwork by Christos Symeonides

Assistant Set and Costume Design by Anthi Paraskeua Veloudogianni 

Featuring: Lila Baklesi, Natasa Exintaveloni and Angeliki Paspaliari

How do we remember History? 

How do we deal with trauma? 

How about when History itself is a trauma? 

Three women named "Alejandra" meet to decide the future of Villa Grimaldi, DINA’s interrogation and torture site during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. With dramatic irony and dark humor, the playwright Guillermo Calderón composes three contemporary characters in quest of retrieving their personal traumatic story while negotiating the way we should remember their country’s history. Should the Villa become a monument for the atrocities that took place there? Should it be left as ruins to be forgotten? Should it become an art space? Each choice expresses a different relationship with history, but also a different need for its victims. 

The director Lyto Triantafyllidou in collaboration with the actors, Natasa Exintaveloni, Lila Baklesi, and Angeliki Paspaliari, explores the echo of traumatic events in our everyday life, as well as the case of systemic sexual violence against female political prisoners. The legacy of this dictatorship that weighs on the characters of the play, is not unknown to the Greek artists who created this performance, as Chile and Greece share similar military dictatorships in both countries' recent history. 

Maybe we are all children of a dictatorship, and (in)direct descendants of trauma. 

Maybe the Villa should finally become a theater, to accommodate joys and sorrows that go beyond the imagination of its creators.

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